Removable Heated Grip Covers With 5 Temperature Controls For Motorcycle


Color: Black
Fuse: 5 amp
Size: 105mm x 95mm
Working Voltage: DC 12V
Level 1 (Red): 18W/85??C
Level 2 (Orange): 14W/75??C
Level 3 (Yellow): 10W/60??C
Level 4 (Green): 8W/55??C
Level 5 (Blue): 6W/50??C

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This grip heater set fit under any grips and all types of bikes, tourers, sports, and off road and enduro bikes. It is easy to install and remove it by simply wrap around the grip, lace tight and connect to the 12v power source.

It feature a switch to control the temperature in 5 levels. Using this grip warmer can keep your hands warm when riding in cold weather, and extend your riding season.

– This heated grip covers fit under any grips.
– 10 seconds rapid heating, large heating area.
– Easy installation and removal, simply cover existing grip with this lace on cover.
– Power switch has 5 different heat settings to keep your hands warm and comfortable.
– Keep you comfortable and warm and riding with these really do extend your riding season.
– IP67 waterproof level, even if the switch and handle cover are soaked in water, they can work normally.

VIN<11.7V -- Won't work; VIN<12.2V -- Breathing led lasts for 5s then turns off; VIN>12.2V — LED always on. First gear (Red) for 85??; Second gear (Orange) for 75??; Third gear (Yellow) for 60??; Forth gear (Green) for 55??; Fifth gear(Blue) for 50??. Press once to switch gear

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